All behind Marco

On November 6, 2022, 130 boats will set off from the port of Saint Malo to reach Guadeloupe. For this 7th edition of the Route du Rhum, we are proud to join the pool of companies supporting skipper Marc Guillemot (3rd in the Vendée Globe, Imoca World Champion, Atlantic Record…) and his boat MG5 -METAROM, in the Multi Rum class.

These companies all have in common the desire, at the highest level of their leadership, to provide an Alternative vis-à-vis the current state of the World and the preservation of life, by developing a new relationship with the natural world. .

This intention has been expressed for us since 2006 through our health prevention programs for company employees: fight against physical inactivity, improvement of sleep, diet, reconnection to internal resources, both physical and mental.

The skipper model has always been the emblem of Wellness training. He is indeed the one who best symbolizes the need to take care of himself during the race, from the point of view of sleep, diet and physical activity, in order to remain as efficient as possible in terms of risk-taking and decision-making, in connection with the immensity of the Ocean, this natural environment so moving and so essential to Life on Earth.

All behind Marco
Heading for the world of tomorrow, the one we will build together

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