Wellness Training handle the whole design process of your projects

From the design stage to the creation of your Fitness Space – including outdoor or online activities – our enthusiastic and highly-skilled teams are here to advise and help you at each stage of your project.

Why offer your staff well-being and fitness activities?
Wellness Training supports companies and is committed to building a more responsible, environmentally-friendly and human-oriented society. We actively participate in fostering values and social relationships with the aim of improving collective well-being as a whole.

Supporting and caring for staff holistically improves well-being in the workplace and has an overall positive effect on their quality of life in the long term.

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Our offer

Why choose us?

  • Offer your staff members the best resources for gradually improving their physical and mental health, at the best prices
  • Improve relations between your staff
  • Improve staff members’ commitment, thereby decreasing absenteeism and staff turnover
  • Strengthen your company’s image and attractiveness, and boost your employer ratings
  • Attract the best talents and optimise retention
  • Add value to your real estate portfolio by prioritizing Wellness
What’s your project?


Walk Well +

A team step challenge, to reduce the sedentary lifestyle of your company’s employees.

Collaborative challenges to move more.

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